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Welcome to the Artist Support Network. 


Through the Artist Support Network, the Orange Loop Rock Festival will offer special opportunities to bands, artists, performers and entertainers — using the festival platform to offer exposure and introductions to different fan bases that love and support live rock-n-roll music.  


 The Orange Loop Rock Festival will showcase artists within the support network with some performing in front of thousands of fans. One weekend can make a difference, you never know who is in the crowd watching you. You never know when you will get your big "break."


We are looking for hard working, dedicated talent - those who want to put in what it takes to get that next opportunity.  From digital to street marketing, hard working artists will be rewarded with tools that could help them take that next step.


The OLRF Artist support Network comes from the team who ran the popular Break Contest, which served as the showcase for The Bamboozle Festival.  Through The Break Contest, artists like Jonas Brothers, The Front Bottoms, Tor Miller, and Jax got the exposure that they needed to become major label recording artists. The network will be very active, promoting and supporting our artists - we expect that same from you. 


Please submit yourself, your band or your talents for  Artist Support Network consideration.


Look forward to working with you.....

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  • Photo, Bio, Video + Links

  • Personalized Tickets

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  • Comp Tickets

  • 25% Off Festival Merchandise

Artist Support Network
Band Application
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Thanks for applying to the Artist Support Network at Orange Loop Rock Festival! We'll get back to you soon!

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