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Stephen Pearcy
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As the founder, lead singer and songwriter of the metal rock band RATT, Stephen Pearcy is credited with  having been a pioneer of the early 80's Sunset Strip rock scene. Having led his creation to Mega Multi Platinum Success Year after Year from 1984 to 1991. Capturing critical acclaim for his performances,  style and uniquely salacious vocals. Pearcy formed RATT in Los Angeles in 1982 from his previous band  Mickey RATT. Known for their overtly sexual appearance, rebellious attitude and take no prisoner  approach to metal, Atlantic Records recognized RATT’s potential and star power thus signing the band to  a contract resulting in the 1984 album “Out of the Cellar”, which became one of many multi-platinum  successes. RATT climbed up the charts with singles from “Out of the Cellar”, soaring past Prince’s “Let’s  Go Crazy”, Van Halen’s “Panama”, Madonna’s “Borderline” and David Bowies “Blue Jean”. 

The record generated top ten singles followed by sold out tours throughout the world. This momentum  remained with every proceeding RATT album to include their most recent release of “Infestation” in 2010.  Their last recording from that time in 1991 is Ratt “81-91″ of which marked the end of an era, and to the  disbelief of many die hard metal fans who seemingly could never get enough of Pearcy, it seemed to mark  the end to a self-proclaimed “dynasty of rough & tough metal” that ruled the better part of the 80s. 

Throughout RATT’s nearly four decades of success with Pearcy at its helm, they released 8 albums and  played thousands of shows worldwide all the while selling over 20 million records. 

In 1992 Pearcy explored other areas of interest and created the band ARCADE with Cinderella’s  drummer, Fred Coury. With the release of his first solo debut in 2002, “Social Intercourse”, and 20 CDs to  his credit, he continued to record and tour vigorously to the delight of a new emerging fan base of metal  fans. 

Added to his list of achievements is 2002’s Cult Horror Classic, “Camp Utopia” with Pearcy playing the  notorious camp slasher and cult leader, Timothy Bach.  

RATT & Mickey RATT songs are featured regularly in film & TV; Point Break, Weird Science, The Golden  Child, Academy Award winning movie “The Wrestler”, Emmy Award winning Stranger Things, Wicked  City, Cobra Kai, The Goldberg’s, Young Sheldon... 

Pearcy’s continued exploration away from music is as a New York Times Best Selling Author, “SEX,  DRUGS, RATT ‘n’ ROLL… My Life in Rock” by Stephen Pearcy. Hailed as “A jaw-dropping tell-all from  the lead singer of the 1980s super group Ratt: the groupies, the trashed hotel rooms, the drugs—and just  how much you can get away with when you’re one of the biggest hair metal stars of all time.” 

2020, "Year of the Rat", started in a positive direction with RATT landing a Geico Insurance commercial  that would introduce RATT to a whole new breed of fans with the catch phrase "We have a RATT  Problem", seen by over 15 million viewers in its first 2 weeks on air, RATT's "Round and Round" re charted on Billboards Top Ten Hard Rock Digital Song Sales and a newfound fanbase was born. Live  Nation scheduled RATT to headline "The Big Rock Summer Tour", RATT was ready to Take Over the  Rock World once again.

He currently runs his production company, Top Fuel Entertainment of which his new docuseries  "Backstage Past" is in development, as well as the Stephen Pearcy Rockumentary. 

The Pearcy legacy is here to stay. His fans are loyal and always wanting more of him…after all, he is the  original “Wanted Man”. 

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